Classlane Media - Royal Television Society Award Finalists 2008 - Best Promotion


Classlane were commissioned to produce several commercial film productions for the chemical specialists, Croda.


Our product brand films showcased the benefits of the company’s new product, Duraquench IQ.

Based in East Yorkshire, Croda operates internationally, manufacturing beauty products to crop care.

The Challenge:

The innovative beauty product, Duraquench IQ, provides effective skin moisturisation with a dual mechanism. Not only does it form a layer on the skin’s surface, but it reinforces the natural barrier so that water loss is regulated. Classlane Media were asked to create a global film campaign showing the benefits of the product that would be easily communicated to a range of international markets.

The Solution:

In order to make the films accessible to a number of nationalities, the three models’ appearances mirrored three ethnic groups. One girl was dark haired and olive skinned, one was blonde and pale and the other was of Asian origin.

Depending on what country a film was intended to be released in, the girl most suiting the country’s ethnic majority was most prominently featured. For example, in the Brazilian production, the dark haired, olive skinned model was in the forefront applying the product to her skin. Naturally, the appropriate language for the country was used for the script voiceover.

The script was clear and concise, relaying the key points of how Duraquench IQ works. Translations would therefore be simpler and the information would be more memorable.

Due to the numerous effects of the product, a 3D animation is used to clearly highlight how the moisturising technology works. A prominent component is how Duraquench IQ adapts to weather conditions and locks in moisture keeping the skin hydrated. Animation is the best medium to portray how the product achieves this.

Finally, the models and the background are all clean and fresh in appearance, not only keeping the film simple but demonstrating the purity of Duraquench IQ.

The Results:

The final edits communicate clear facts, showcasing the benefits of Duraquench IQ. The models are appropriately featured for each country’s version and their appearance reflects a fresh image for the moisturising product.

Visit the Croda website.

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Classlane Media made what seemed like a very daunting task of producing 9 different podcasts a dream. They guided us in every aspect, from planning, filming to the finishing project. If you want a first class job doing, these are first class guys!

Tina Rook, Head of Education, Saks

- Tina Rook, Head of Education, Saks